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Botanical Babes

Meet the badass Mom and Daughter duo
improving your skincare one bloom at a time!


Introducing Taylor + Jodi

Taylor (Left) is a lover of flowers, activist, and 200 hour registered yoga teacher with a focus on essential oils and reiki. She also leads annual women’s yoga retreats that create safe spaces for women to connect, heal, and tune-in. In 2016, Taylor was diagnosed with anxiety and has been using breath work, essential oils, and lots of therapy to manage her anxious mind and body. Her mission is to lead people toward authenticity and healing by listening to their heart. Check out her monthly breath work videos on our Facebook page as well as her favorite All Over Cream: Calm.

Baker of delicious cheesecakes, gardener, and mom - Jodi (right) wears a lot of hats! In 2017, Jodi was involved in a car accident that resulted in spinal reconstruction surgery. While trying to manage pain before surgery, she experienced severe and adverse reactions to  steroid spinal injections that ultimately led to her developing multiple chronic illnesses. She found that mixing certain essential oils and applying them topically provided natural healing relief of inflammation and pain. Now she devotes her life to helping others find safe and effective ways to lead happy, healthy lives. Check out her personal favorite: Relief Cream.

- About Motor City Botanicals -

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How we grow our roses!

Being in Michigan, the seasons are the boss. Motor City Botanicals produces and maintains our own rose plants both outdoors during the spring and summer seasons and inside hydroponically during the late fall and winter seasons. The rose bush is a very productive plant. Roses continue to bloom and produce rose buds for a few weeks which means picking daily is necessary. 


Picking roses is done solely by hand and is truly a labor of love for us. To get the highest quality rose oil, timing is essential. The roses have to be picked before the sunrise if they are outdoors, and in between light cycles if planted inside. The sun and /or the bright lights will evaporate the precious flowers’ oil. Picking and processing the petals takes place quickly to preserve the beneficial products of the rose.

Mental health matters!


We here at MCB are no strangers to anxiety and depression. We believe that everyone  deserves access to mental health support.We also know that is not a reality for many. Join MCB Co-Owner and 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Taylor, for free monthly yoga and meditation videos on our Facebook page. We can't wait to share this journey with you.

Looking for relief?

Dealing with autoimmune issues, indigestion, inflammation, or general aches and pains? Our Relief line is where it's at! This line is effective, yet gentle enough to use throughout the day. Oh, and did we mention it smells amazing? You can customize the cream by adding your favorite CBD/THC oil for maximum comfort.


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